Upcoming Switch Games: Top 5 Best Games Coming Fall 2017

Newly released consoles need some time before there’s a decent amount of games in their library. Having released earlier in the year to only a few titles, the Switch has somewhat struggled releasing new content — at least in terms of AAA games — to subdue the hunger of hardcore gamers who were won over by its successful launch campaign. But that’s not unusual; the PS4 and Xbox One also took time to get grounded. Every console does.
Thankfully with the help of titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and, of course, Splatoon 2, Nintendo held its ground long enough to reach the Holiday season. The latter half of the year is looking bright for the tech giant.
We’ve been compiling lists of the five best upcoming games for each platform, and the Switch is up next. Here they are.

Rocket League


Publisher: Psyonix
Developer: Psyonix
Platforms: Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC
Release Date: Holiday 2017 (on Switch)
Rocket League is the super successful competitive indie title that has made its way to just about every platform. It’s a soccer-like sports game using acrobatic rocket-powered RC cars. You’ll get the hang of it in minutes, but mastering the game is a different story. Try a YouTube search of a competitive match and see just how crazy things get.
Whether you’re playing the lengthy and challenging season, practicing with AI, or testing your skills with a local or online match, Rocket League is an absolute blast. There are a ton of maps, modes and customization options, and developer Psyonix has made it its mission to push a plethora of new content. The Switch is no exception. Rocket League will launch later this year with exclusive Nintendo swag.



Publisher: Bethesda Software
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Platforms: Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC
Release Date: Holiday 2017 (on Switch)
Shown off during the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer, Skyrim will be playable on a Nintendo platform for the first time ever — it took only three console generations. But any Switch owner should be excited that the role-playing adventure game has found a home on Nintendo’s new hardware. Skyrim is a gem, a game that continues to wow players six years after its original release. And because the Switch is both a home and portable console, this will mark the first time Skyrim can be played on the go. Make sure to charge your device before class.
There’s no official release date, but it’s slated for launch this year.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2


Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Monolith Software
Platforms: Switch
Release Date: Holiday 2017
Don’t let that number tagged on the end fool you. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is not a sequel. It’s an entirely new entry set in a different world with different characters. That being said, there are still core elements that will carry over to this next game.
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is set in a beautiful world — the biggest of the series yet. It follows two characters as they journey across the open lands in pursuit of the city of Elysium. You’ll encounter and recruit new companions, fight enemies called Titans, and explore cool environments. Having assisted with Breath of the Wild — the Switch’s prettiest game that also happens to be an open-world adventure — we can be confident that Monolith Software knows how to handle a large-scale project. It’s an exciting RPG to look forward to. See for yourself above.

PRE-ORDER: Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle


Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Ubisoft Milan
Platforms: Switch
Release Date: August 29
Okay, this one needs some explaining. Mario + Rabbids looks like a crappy mashup. Honestly, it’s always hit or miss with these damn Rabbids. But do not let this one slip through the cracks. Mario + Rabbids is a carefully orchestrated XCOM-style turn-based strategy game. It shouldn’t work, but it does.
There are elements of exploration, where you solve puzzles, find hidden mazes and ultimately progress to the next battle. Battles play out on a rotatable map in which you take turns moving characters while looking for strategic ways to eliminate enemies using an assortment of weapons. Your arsenal will grow as you continue through the game. My man Mario is really about to stress his Second Amendment rights — those poor rabbit-things. Look out for this game later in the month.

PRE-ORDER: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Super Mario Odyssey


Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Platforms: Switch
Release Date: October 27
Surprise, surprise! It’s-a Mario … game.
We’re always enthusiastically awaiting the next great Mario title, and Super Mario Odyssey looks to be it. It’s a massive 3D adventure game, taking Mario across a number of awesome-looking levels, including New Donk City — a large New York City-inspired area with normal-looking people that hilariously tower over our poor stumpy plumber. The are dinosaurs and frogs wearing hats, fish with mustaches, stones with piercings, mopeds, taxis, tanks, concerts, sumbreros — I’m not kidding; that’s all legit in the trailer above. Super Mario Odyssey will be one of the biggest and most ambitious launches of the year, and it tops our list of best upcoming Switch games.

PRE-ORDER: Super Mario Odyssey

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