WATCH: Incoming TTU Freshman Goes Viral With Questionably Racist Snapchat Video

Shaun King, the outspoken and often polarizing supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, shared a Snapchat video today on his Facebook page of an incoming freshman at Texas Tech University. The student’s name is Brandon Wilson. In the video that you can watch below, Brandon rants about how there are stupid people of all races (Black, white, Mexican) and inarticulately asks why we can’t all get along.
But that’s not really the issue that Shaun King and others have with Brandon’s video. The issue they have is that he uses the “n” word multiple times in the video. He kind of does the whole Chris Rock “N word versus Black People” schtick, which is far from new. Watch the video for yourself below.

I went back and forth with whether or not to include this kid’s name in the post, but the truth of the matter is that it’s definitely out there anyway, so I’m not doing any more damage than this kid has already done to himself. As a white male, it’s not within my right to come out and say what’s racist and what’s not, but I definitely know enough that I shouldn’t ever use the N-word.
I also know that it’s really a bullshit, p****, loser move for Shuan King to come out on his pulpit and ask for this kid to be expelled from Texas Tech. Shaun, there are literally neo-Nazis bringing Tiki Torches to campuses and you choose this kid to ask to be removed from the school? Come on. Focus your efforts elsewhere.
As for Texas Tech, they responded to the situation perfectly.

You know who doesn’t expel a non-dangerous young man from a school because of a stupid mistake? An institution of learning. A place like Texas Tech University. Obviously you can make the easy connection to Texas -> slavery -> racism, but that’s not what this is really about. This is a teaching moment for a student like Brandon.
That being said, do I want to be his freshman roommate? Absolutely not. I prefer my windows not broken by rocks. But I applaud TTU for standing up for their students. It appears that a couple of others feel the same way too. Here are some replies to the TTU Facebook post.

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