You Can Now Use GoFundMe For Your Textbooks

No one in the world likes to spend money on textbooks. You buy these expensive books at the beginning of the semester, pay a ton of money up front, and then possibly won’t ever need them again until finals. Then there’s the whole issue of re-selling. Don’t even get us started.
There are obviously a lot of problems with the current system of textbooks, but the good news is now it looks like there’s finally a solution that helps you deal with those issues.
Meet FundMyTextbooks: it’s a new collaboration between GoFundMe (the #1 crowdfunding site in the world) and iFlipd (the only pay-as-you-go weekly textbook rental marketplace). It’s never been easier to get help paying for your books. Simply start a fund, hit up your network for contributions (hello, grandparents!), and the money goes straight into your iFlipd account to pay for your books. With iFlipd, you’ll be able to rent (not buy) your textbooks at a low weekly rate and keep them for only as long as you need.
Are some of your family members technologically challenged? That’s OK because probably the best part about the system is that you sign yourself up, then share your account with your family/friends. GoFundMe makes the whole process extra easy for everyone.
We know that the Fall semester is right around the corner, so signing up for a FundMyTextbooks is a good idea now. That way you can send around the emails and links ASAP, leaving you time to worry about more fun things–like scoring your student section tickets or planning your welcome week party.

Delta College Student Charged With Falsely Reporting A Felony
Delta College Student Charged With Falsely Reporting A Felony
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