Texas Police Searching For Man Who Allegedly Made Love To A Chain Link Fence

Eliodoro Estala, a 32-year-old Austin, Texas resident who allegedly had sex with a chain-link fence, is on the run from authorities after he did not show up at his scheduled court appearance last week.
Estala, 32, was charged with indecent exposure after the alleged incident that happened six months ago near Fieldwood Drive in Austin.
The Travis County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a man, Estala, having sex with a fence on March 1. In 2010, Estala had previously been convicted in 2010 for drunken driving.
According to The Houston Chronicle, a witness told police she saw her neighbor peeing on the fence and began filming him.
via Houston Chronicle:

She said he took off his clothes and began to perform imaginary sexual acts on the fence that escalated in lewdness. Eventually, Estala allegedly began to have sex with the fence – including penetrating the fence– which he apparently believed to be a woman.
When officers arrived, they reportedly found Estala walking out of his duplex in a drunken stupor. Though he denied it, officers arrested him anyway after identifying him in the witness’ photographs.
He posted bond after his initial arrest which has since been forfeited.

What else did the police expect him to say? “Ya got me! That was totally me doing the nasty with that inanimate fence! Cuff me coppers!”
Since authorities have yet to find Estala, I would advice them to check the nearest scrap yard — sounds like a paradise for a pev like this dude.

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American Dad Stream: Watch Season 14, Episode 18 Online Free
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