Tax Free Weekend 2017: Which States Will Be Participating In Tax Free Weekend?

Brace yourself, shoppers, because Tax Free Weekend is upon us! A bunch of states will be participating in the special event this week, and many consumers are eager to take advantage of the sales on clothing and school supplies. On this weekend, sales taxes will be completely excluded from certain items in participating states.
From August 4th-6th, nine states are set to take part in Tax Free Weekend. They’ll be looking to grow their economies by providing incentives for people to shop. Savvy consumers can enjoy relatively cheaper prices for clothes and books for back-to-school, among other items.
Let’s see the states that will be participating in Tax Free Weekend…

What are the states that will be taking part in Tax Free Weekend?

  • Arkansas: Aug. 5-6
  • Florida: August 4-6
  • Iowa: Aug. 4-5
  • Missouri: Aug. 4-6
  • New Mexico: Aug. 4-6
  • Ohio: Aug. 4-6
  • Oklahoma: Aug. 4-6
  • South Carolina: Aug. 4-6
  • Virginia: Aug. 4-6
  • Texas: Aug. 11-13
  • Maryland: Aug. 13-19
  • Massachusetts: Aug. 19-20
  • Connecticut: Aug. 20-26

What items will qualify for Tax Free Weekend?

Every state has its own particular rules and deals when it comes to this special weekend for the customers. Obviously, not everything is covered under this special sales tax free occasion. It’s not an anything goes event…
ax Free Weekend 2017: Full Story & Must-See Details
Keep in mind that states say that’ll not include sales tax for “clothing up to $100.” But this isn’t based on the total price of your purchase, but pertains to a price limit for sales tax exclusion only on particular items. Therefore, if your shirt cost $110, there will be a sales tax included. However, if you buy two pairs of pants worth $99 each, you won’t pay a sales tax (even though, you’re technically buying something more expensive than a one $110 shirt).
Want to know the deals for each specific state? Just click on the link below and you will find out everything…

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