Denied From The 2017 NYC Marathon? This Beer Company Is Giving Away 95 Entries

It is no easy feat to run the New York City Marathon, but some would say that it’s even harder to actually gain entry to the race. For example: this year over 80,000 people who applied to run in the TCS Marathon were rejected. There are only 50,000 spots in the available. But all is not lost because Michelob ULTRA is giving away a total of 95 entries to the 2017 NYC Marathon.
The beer company is inviting runners everywhere to join Team ULTRA by visiting , sharing stories of how they’ve gone the extra mile, plus a good reason why they should be one of the people chosen to run 26.2 miles. The promotion ends on August 10th, which means that if you’re chosen you’ll have just enough time to hit the road and get yourself in shape.
Be warned, though, that this isn’t something you should enter haphazardly. I mean, you should never enter a marathon haphazardly. That’s how you permanently damage your nipples. My point is that there are going to be a lot of people with real, inspiring stories trying to join Team Ultra and these people are going to want to prove to themselves that they can run in the world’s most famous race. Just take a look at the inspiring video that Michelob ULTRA produced, highlighting a couple of the brave men and women who will be kicking ass this year.

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