A Minor Detail In The 'Game Of Thrones' Intro Shows How The White Walkers Will Cross The Wall

Ohhhh, that Game Of Thrones, those brilliant motherf*ckers — they just know how to push allll the right buttons.
As we all know by know, The White Walkers are on their way to the Wall, which they will eventually cross. That is fact and everyone knows it. The only question that remains at this point is how exactly they are going to get past said 700-foot wall.
The early theory that the White Walkers were going to be able to collapse the wall with the same magic that allowed them to enter Three Eyed Raven’s cave. Last season, as Bran was spying on the Night King and his army, the Night King give Bran a mark that allowed the White Walkers to break into said cave, and thus, people believed those same ‘magic laws’ would apply to the Wall, too. Now that Bran, who is marked, had crossed, the White Walkers would be able to do the same.
However, a new theory has popped up on Reddit, and as much as I was all in on the ‘Bran f*cking things up’ theory, I have to say this is definitely looking like the answer.
According to Reddit user RohltMSasi, the season 7 intro contains a massive clue as to how the White Walkers plan to pass said wall, and it isn’t by going through — but going around.
Throw in the vision that the Hound had in episode 1 with the fact that Jon Snow just sent his buddy Tormund to man Eastwatch by the Sea, and you have three solid clues that the White Walkers are simply going to freeze the water surrounding the wall and walk around it.
Would I rather see them bring down the Wall entirely? Of course. But seven seasons in, I have full confidence in the writers to make the correct decisions, so I have to assume that whatever their reason is to have the Army of the Dead go around the wall as opposed to through it, it’s going to play out brilliantly.


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