Amanda Leigh Carney Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details On Murder Victim

A 18-year-old woman from Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, was allegedly murdered by an escaped prison inmate on Thursday. Amanda Leigh Carney is the stepdaughter of an assistant prison warden, as well as a recent graduate of Summerfield High School.
Carney was allegedly abducted and held hostage by a 39-year-old prison escapee named Deltra Henderson. The convict escaped from David Wade Correctional Center, and later found the young lady in her car. He allegedly stole the car, took the lady hostage and later stabbed her to death. Henderson ditched her vesicle in the woods, and confronted another civilian and also stole that person’s vehicle.
Henderson was previously serving time for three separate felony charges: 10 years for distributing cocaine, 30 years for attempted armed robbery and 30 years for aggravated burglary. According to documents obtained by KTBS, he had the possibility of being released on March 28, 2025. However, he died in a police shootout following his alleged kidnapping and murder of an 18-year-old female.
Police found Henderson at his home, where he barricaded himself inside and fired upon responding officers. The incident has been neutralized and the suspect/escapee is dead.
Friends and relatives of the 18-year-old victim describe her as being a “sweet” girl. She is the stepdaughter of assistant warden the stepdaughter of James Arnold and the daughter of Andrea Bell (who also works at the prison).

Summerfield High School Principal Shane Lee announced that a vigil in Carney’s honor will be held at the school. “There’s no words to express the sorrow in our hearts today,” said Lee. “We lost one of our own. A young lady that we cherish. A lady that excelled in academics, athletics, and was a true role model to fellow classmates. Please be in prayer for the Summerfield School community, her family, and Claiborne Parish.”
Carney was planning on attending Southern Arkansas University in the fall. She planned on pursuing a degree in nursing.

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