Who Get's to Use OSU?: Ohio State & Oklahoma State Fight Over Trademark






NCAA programs will claim that they are all about helping athletes get a degree building better members of society who will have a life after sports. While this may be true, NCAA programs are also very focused on making money and selling their school. Teams will sell tickets and merchandise as well as their brand as part of the business. Now, two schools with a similar brand are in a dispute over who can use the letters “OSU.”

Ohio State and Oklahoma State are locked in a legal battle over those three letters, despite a previous usage agreement. The two school have shared a patent on the letters for years, but now Ohio State is filing a new request. They want to be able to put “OSU” on apparel and merchandise. Oklahoma State has filed an objection to Ohio State’s request, and they have until the end of August to complete the objection.
While there had been a split patent agreement in the past, Ohio State is looking to take control of the letters to make even more money. Oklahoma State (and likely Oregon State) will not be too pleased about this and should look to settle the issue in court. Who knew a few letters could be such a big deal.

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