High School Music Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With A 17-Year-Old Boy

A Minnesota high school music teacher has landed herself in hot water over allegations that she had repeated sex with a 17-year-old male student. Christine Lee Funk, 31, of New Hope, was apprehended by authorities on Wednesday and charged with three counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct.
Funk was also arrested back in February for suspicion of possessing pornographic material involving minors at her workplace. She was put on administrative leave resulting from her initial arrest over the child porn charge. The 31-year-old educator later resigned from her job at Henry Sibley High School in March, according to Twin Cities Pioneer Press. 
Christine Lee Funk is married and has two children. Yet, she allegedly cheated on her husband with a 17-year-old boy.
Allegations first came to light after a school resource officer learned about obscene messages between Funk and the student. Police discovered semi-nude selfies and texts that suggest a sexual relationship between herself and the boy. At first, while interviewed by investigators, she denied having an affair with the student. She claimed that sexually-explicit messages were merely a ‘fantasy’ and nothing more, according to a report from Minneapolis Star Tribune.
However, Funk did admit to sending the boy sexually explicit photographs of herself.
Police also interviewed the alleged victim of the crime. He also denied an affair with Funk. But when authorities rummaged through his phone and found more lewd texts from the teacher, the boy cracked and admitted what happened.
The 17-year-old student says he had sex with Funk on three occasions in February. They allegedly had sex in the boy’s car, in the teacher’s house, and at the high school where Funk was formerly employed.
On Wednesday, a judge decided to set Funk’s bail at $75,000. If convicted, she may face up to 45 years behind bars.

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