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WATCH: French Mayor Eat A Dead Rat After Losing A Soccer Bet To Barcelona


Politicians have long been notorious for flip-flopping and backing out on their promises. But not Charles Dayot, the sitting mayor of Mont-de-Marsan. He’s a mega-fan of the French soccer club known as PSG. He has so much faith in his team that he’d be willing to eat a dead rat if they lost…literally.

Before PSG squared off against FC Barcelona in the second round game, Dayot made a declaration on behalf of his squad. The mayor bet that he would “eat a rat” if PSG fell to Barcelona. Dayot was very prideful of his favorite team. But on this occasion, pride came before the fall…

PSG kicked serious ass in the first game, knocking off Barcelona with a perfect score of 4-0. After this flawless victory, the cocky mayor came out and announced that he’d eat a dead rat if PSG loses the next game and drops out of the Round of 16 series. And you could probably guess what happens next…

Barcelona rips apart PSG in the next game, annihilating the Parisian team, with a score of 6-1. PSG got kicked back to Paris and Mayor Dayot had a serious promise to keep. Would this guy actually eat a rat? See for yourself!

Yup, it looks like there’s one politician out there who actually lives up to his/her word. Some politicians seem to be more truthful than others (or not), but this guy takes the cake when it comes to political honesty. Dayot made good on his promise. He sat down in front of reporters and engorged himself on a cooked rat.

Bon App├ętit!

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