Stephen A. Smith Claims Sources Told Him LeBron James Wants To 'Beat Kyrie's Ass'

I don’t know if I love Stephen A. Smith because he’s a proud New Yorker, or because of his world class delivery, or because of his preposterously scolding hot takes — all I know is I love me some Stephen A. Smith.
And for all of Stephen A’s perceived faults, one thing he’s not is a liar — he may bloviate, he may even invent words, but he certainly doesn’t come across as a liar, so I’m taking Stephen A. at his word with this one.
During his daily New York radio show, Stephen A. was discussing the ongoing soap opera that is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Last Friday, seemingly out of the blue, news broke that Kyrie Irving had gone to Cavs owner Dan Gilbert demanding to be traded.
While talking about how James is responding to the trade, Smith dropped this bombshell claiming that if James we within arms reach of Irving, he’d be tempted to throw hands, or as Stephen A. so eloquently put it, beat his ass.

Never change Stephen A.

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