A Particularly Viscious New York City Squirrel Has Attacked FIVE Different People

As if New York City didn’t have enough shit to deal with, apparently the squirrels are turning on us now too.

According to various reports, a particularly vicious squirrel has been terrorizing residents of Prospect Park, New York.

Speaking to ABC, a 7-year-old girl said she was attacked by a squirrel that is terrorizing a park in Brooklyn, New York. A warning has been sent out to visitors of Prospect Park about the aggressive squirrel.

via ABC:

The New York City Health Department has cautioned anyone who was bitten by a squirrel in the last two weeks to get checked for rabies. One squirrel victim, Leku Percival, says he was feeding the squirrel when it bit him on the hand. He is convinced that it is the same squirrel that has been menacing people in Prospect Park.

Our sister station WABC spoke to another victim, 7-year-old Maria Guerrerom and her family on Sunday, and the story they told was shocking. The family says the squirrel leaped into the air and sank its teeth into the child’s arm, entirely unprovoked. When Guerrero’s dad heard her screams, he was able to pry the animal’s jaws open, and throw the squirrel onto the sidewalk.

Amazingly, the squirrel came back and tried to attack again, twice, before climbing into a nearby tree.
Guerrero is being treated for rabies as a precaution even though rabies in squirrels in unheard of in the State of New York.

So far, at least five people have been attacked, and New York city officials have said the squirrel’s behavior has been ‘concerning.’

#Squirrel attacks in #ProspectPark. 7yr-old MarĂ­a Guerrero says it leapt up, sank its teeth into her arm. 5 people attacked in 5 days. pic.twitter.com/9AJZy7FVMH

— N. J. Burkett (@njburkett7) July 23, 2017

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