WATCH: Guy With Death Wish Eats A Hot Pepper Every Time Ariana Grande Says "Um" During An Acceptance Speech

This guy may have bitten off a bit more than he can chew when he took up the Ariana Grande “Um” Spicy Pepper Challenge. This bro, who goes by the name of “Mr. Grande” on YouTube, chowed down on a Ziploc bag full of fiery hot peppers. First, he pressed play on an Ariana Grande award acceptance speech. She won “Artist of the Year,” and said “um” into infinite while this guy looks like he’s going to drop from all the red peppers he’s stuffing into his suck-hole. Grande just keeps saying “um” and pepper after pepper is placed into this poor guy’s mouth.
Grande has a really bad habit of saying “um.” Her public speaking isn’t on point. But um, who cares? She’s rich and famous. She also hasn’t reduced herself to stuffing spicy foods down her gullet in order to entertain the masses. Not yet at least. If she does, that sounds pretty hot and humorous. A video of Grande engorging on peppers may get even more hits than her record sales.
But back to the bro stuffing hot peppers in his mouth. Why are you doing, man? Can’t you see you’re killing yourself. This lass will never stop saying “um” no matter what. So, you have a death wish, boy-o. The reason why I’m writing like this is because I saw T2: Transpotting two days in a row OnDemand. But this guy ate so many damn red peppers that I wouldn’t be surprised if he had blood coming out his arse for the next few days.

How many times did Ariana Grande say “um” during her acceptance speech? I counted 11 “ums” in total, but when she hit 10 “ums” this guy couldn’t take it anymore. He missed the last “um” because he was violently puking/spitting up the red peppers while Grande said she was “so thankful for art and I hope that whatever it is that I create (pepper bro heaves) in my life that I hope you feel a little bit of light.”
I’m thankful for this dude who crammed peppers down his gullet just to entertain the internet. He definitely puts a lot of dedication into his work. He sacrifices so much just to make random people laugh online.
Pepper bro wrote about all the pain he felt while making this video in the YouTube description. Here is this guy’s parting words, describing his experience taking part in Ariana Grande “Um” Spicy Pepper Challenge: “Words can’t not describe the amount of pain i experienced after turning the camera off. Do not try this at home.”




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