Texans Running Back D'Onta Foreman Arrested On Drug & Weapons Charges

D’Onta Foreman, a rookie running back for the Houston Texans, has been arrested on drug and weapons charges.
According to a statement from the University of Texas Police Department, university police officers answered a report of the smell of marijuana outside a campus dormitory around 12:30 AM on Sunday, July 16.
When the officers arrived, they found three occupied vehicles with marijuana in each and a firearm in one of them.
Foreman, who was selected in the third round with the 89th overall by the Houston Texans, claims the gun was legal and the marijuana wasn’t his.
via ESPN:
Foreman, whom police described as the owner of the firearm, was taken into custody and later released on bond. Six other men were cited for possession of marijuana and released.
Foreman’s attorney, Chip B. Lewis, said in a statement that the running back was in Austin to visit friends, possessed the handgun legally and that he did not use the marijuana, which was not his, but belonged to a passenger in the vehicle.
Foreman’s attorney released a statement on the matter, saying his client will submit a drug test to demonstrate he was not using marijuana.

“Prior to a search of his vehicle, D’Onta alerted the officer that he had a handgun inside of his vehicle,” the statement said. “This legal handgun was recently purchased by D’Onta and registered in his name. The handgun was properly secured inside his vehicle as required by Texas law. A passenger in D’Onta’s vehicle was in possession of marijuana. D’Onta did not use or possess the marijuana. Upon making his bond, he will submit to urinalysis and confirm he has not used marijuana. D’Onta appreciates the professionalism of the officers involved in his arrest and booking into the Travis County jail. We are confident this matter will be resolved justly once the state of Texas applies the applicable law to the facts.”

Foreman was arrested on charges of unlawful carrying of a weapon and marijuana possession, both misdemeanors. He was released on bond.
The Texans also released a statement saying that said the organization is aware of the situation and is gathering more information.
Foreman won the Doak Walker Award after rushing for 2,028 yards and 15 touchdowns at the University of Texas last season.

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