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LISTEN: French Montana, ‘Jungle Rules’ Stream & Download: New Album


Karim Kharbouch, better known as his stage name French Montana, is a Moroccan-American recording hip-hop artist. Well known for his vibrant taste in music as well as his presence in the fashion world, French Montana is also the founder of Coke Boys Record.

The upcoming artist’s second studio album is releasing today, Friday the 14th, 2017. Some notable rappers in the music realm are featured including Future, Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Young Thug, Pharrell Williams, Quavo, T.I., Swae Lee, Chinx, and Max B.

The cover art elicits a wavy and trance like-feel. The color ray of the background color is of rainbow color. The album title is etched on the bottom left corner in block white font. On the opposite end, French Montana’s name is stamped with white block letters. On the center, his face appears explicitly with smoke coming out of his mouth. He appears to be wearing a fur coat.

When listening to his album, it embodies the “French Montana” vibe. His lyrics are very smooth and easy to follow. Not only that, his background beats are groovy and consistent to the verses and hook line. Although I only listened to two major songs, I already love the album. The focal point of the album seems to be “Unforgettable” featuring Swae Lee. With Swae Lee’s high-pitch reverberated voice and French Montana’s relaxed tone, the fusion of music and lyricism is just perfect. The other song, “Bring Dem Things,” featuring Pharrell Williams, introduces an odd outro. The beats remind me of old horror movies from the past. However, the hook and the rap lines are perfect and aligned with Pharrell’s part.

Overall, check this album out! Just like his past albums and tracks, French Montana never fails to deliver fun and trending music. Also, he includes top names and personalities in order to make his album unique and original.

Stream French Montana Jungle Rules album

You can stream the album via Spotify.

Apple Music Jungle Rules Stream

Download Jungle Rules

If you like to purchase the album, head on over to iTunes.

Jungle Rules Tracklist

  1. Whiskey Eyes (feat. Chinx)
  2. Unforgettable (feat. Swae Lee)
  3. Trippin
  4. A Lie (feat. The Weeknd & Max B)
  5. Jump (feat. Travis Scott)
  6. Hotel Bathroom
  7. Bring Dem Things (feat. Pharrell Williams)
  8. Bag (feat. Ziico Niico)
  9. Migo Montana (feat. Quavo)
  10. No Pressure (feat. Future)
  11. Push Up
  12. Stop It (feat. T.I.)
  13. Black Out (feat. Young Thug)
  14. She Workin (feat. Marc E. Bassey)
  15. Formula (feat. Alkaline)
  16. Famous
  17. Too Much
  18. White Dress
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