Mike From Montclair Called In To Francesa's Radio Show To Call Chris Christie A Fatass

Have you ever seen someone, politics or otherwise, set their career aflame the way Chris Christie has? I mean, not counting the OJ Simpsons and Chris Benoits of the world, has any public figured tarnished their reputation so drastically, so quickly?
Back in 2013, Chris Christie was on the cover on TIME magazine, with the suggestion that he could be the GOP‘s next great leader.
photo by Dennis Van Tine via TIME
Now, just four short years and one Donald Trump later, and TIME is publishing articles about how Christie is the most unpopular governor in any state in over two decades. Talk about a fall from grace.
That said, I will give Christie credit for one thing: he’s in full heel turn, ‘f*ck it’ mode, and I can’t help but respect that. He knows his political career is 6-feet-under, so he’s spending what remaining time he has in the spotlight angling himself for his next gig. And that gig, in Christie’s dream world, is taking over for Mike Francesca on WFAN.
Christie has popped up on this show a couple of times now, but this time her got a taste of his potential future as the life of a radio show host. Mike from Montclair (which, as a New Jersey native, I can attest is quite the boujee town) called into to speak some truths, which included Christie both a fatass and a bully (both true.) Obviously, ole’ Mount Christie was none too pleased.
Now, we just sit and wait for the Christ Christie x Alex Jones crossover.

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