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VAC Ban Destroys 40k Accounts: Full Story & Must-See Details


Valve went to work on July 6 after a huge VAC ban wiped out over 40,000 steam accounts just after the 2017 Steam Summer Sale came to a conclusion.

The Steam Database picked up this wave of cheaters all before 12 pm ET. Usually, Valve bans around 3,000 people on a daily basis, but the graph below shows an absolutely dramatic increase in the Valve police serving its justice on July 6th. This is the largest ban wave since October 2016, when 15,227 bans took place

Coincidentally (or not?), the wave of bans took place the morning after the Steam Summer Sale ended. Valve manipulated the system a bit by enacting the ban wave just after people started to play their shiny, new games they bought on alt accounts to cheat on. Cheaters have always come in full force around the summer, especially because these huge sales give cheaters the opportunity to buy Counter Strike: Global Offensive at a massively reduced price.

A graveyard of dead inventories, many of whom were found from this wave, can be found on Reddits /r/VAC_Porn subreddit. In total, $8,674 in skins were lost to Valve in this process, according to

Surprisingly, around 4,972 of these bans happened in-game, which means those Overwatch demos people have been watching are finally starting to pay off in numbers. Griefers, suspected cheaters and throwers finally got what they had coming for them.

Glad Valve took a small stand against the cheaters in this game. If only they focused their attention on the more game-breaking bugs plaguing their popular game.

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