Eminem's 9th Studio Album Is On The Way

If you’re like me, meaning, you were born in the 90’s, then odds are it was Eminem who got you into the genre of rap in the first place. That’s how it was for me, at least.
I’ll never forget the first time I saw the music videos for ‘My Name Is’ and ‘The Real Slim Shady’, and I’ll never forget begging my Mom to buy me the un-edited version of The Eminem Show.
Unfortunately, though, in 14 years since The Eminem Show dropped, it is my semi-professional opinion that the quality of Eminem’s music never reached the same heights of those first three albums. A difficult task? Sure — The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show represent as excellent of an album trilogy as the rap game has ever seen.
However, when you’re a living legend like Eminem, even if his fastball isn’t as electric as it used to be, he’s still more than capable of putting together a no-hitter with smarts, grit, and experience. And that’s what we’re hoping for with his 9th studio album, which is reportedly on the way.
Speaking to  Allen Hughes, director of HBO’s new docuseries The Defiant Ones, Uproxx learned that Eminem may very well be in the studio with Dre right now, recording his 9th studio album.
via Uproxx:

Dre still records. People don’t know this: Dre records every day. Literally, he’s in there recording songs every day. He’s like Picasso in that way. He’s always painting. Right now he’s producing, in the 11th hour, a track for Eminem’s latest album. So Dre’s still real active in music, you know? But I hear what you’re saying. It’s the truth.

So, for the sake of the rap game, let’s hope Hughes’ quote was literal, and that Eminem is literally in the studio right now cooking up some literal dope (not literally dope, you know what I mean.)

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