COED Attends The Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo

A little while back, COED took a little trip to the Jacob Javits Center here in New York City for the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo. Despite what you might think walking down the streets of NYC, recreational marijuana is still illegal here and medical marijuana is extremely hard to get ahold of. So why host something called the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo in the Big Apple? Because New York is the center of the universe when it comes to business and investments–which is exactly what the CWCB is all about.
Yes, there are millions of dollars to be made in growing and selling marijuana, but there are tons of other jobs and industries that are essential to the cultivation of the plant: light companies, extraction machines, safe manufacturers, vaporizer pen manufacturers, etc. These were the kinds of companies that hosted booths at the CWCB, but we managed to find the most interesting people to talk to. After all, this was still a weed event in New York.

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