Wayne Rooney Returns To Everton After 13 Years With Manchester United

Wayne Rooney is heading back to where his professional soccer career started, as the legendary goalscorer signed a two-year deal with Everton. Rooney played for Everton from 2002-2004, then spent the next 13 years of his illustrious career with Manchester United.
The 31-year-old grew into an international superstar during his tenure with Manchester United, becoming their all-time leading scorer with 253 goals in 559 matches. With Rooney working his magic on the pitch, Man U won the Premier League five times, the UEFA Champions League once, the Football League Cup three times, the FA Cup once, and the UEFA Europa League once.
According to BBC, Rooney seems pumped about rejoining Everton.

England international Rooney said he was “ecstatic” and his “first game back will be an emotional day”.
“It’s a great feeling to be back. I cannot wait to meet the lads, get on the training pitch and then get on the pitch to play,” he added.
Rooney’s return comes as United look set to sign Everton striker Romelu Lukaku, with a £75m deal for the Belgium international agreed between the two clubs.
“I’m not just coming back because it’s the team I support, the team I grew up playing for – I’m coming back because I feel the club can move forward and be successful,” said Rooney, who scored 17 goals in 77 games in his first spell at Goodison.
“I want to be part of it. There will be pressure on me to perform, but I’m ready to go. I believe I can help move this club forward and be more successful on the pitch.”

In honor of Rooney’s return to Everton, let’s take a trip down memory lane and watch his first professional goal. Time is a flat circle after all.


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