‘Star Wars: Battlefront 2’: Release Date, Trailer & Gameplay Details

DICE and Electronic Arts’ Star Wars: Battlefront II was a massive hit during the E3 Press Conferences at the Los Angeles Convention Center, earning four nominations for best of show awards by IGN. We also saw huge announcements about the AAA title during the 2017 Star Wars Celebration to get us hyped for its release in November.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson claims this version will be “bigger” than its 2015 original, too. Here’s everything we know so far about the newest installment in the long series of Star Wars video games. Control your hype, because things are about to get good.

Single-Player Story Mode

Our complaints from 2015 have been heard: DICE announced their intention to create a single-player story mode after observing some of the common gripesthat plagued the reviews of their first installment. DICE seeks to add more content and a broader chronological reach to this installment, spanning across all eras of the Star Wars trilogy. You can also expect to see familiar faces like Rey from The Force Awakens.

The single-player puts you in the shoes of Iden Versio, an Imperial officer. It’s also set right after The Return of the Jedi and spans to the very beginning of The Force Awakens, and it is crazy to think about how huge the timeline of the game is.


The multiplayer experience claims to take players across “all eras” of the Star Wars saga, according to an interview with Wilson. The game will feature more locations and hero characters, along with more depth to the combat across all playable characters. We’ll also see a huge shift to class-based gameplay, which means strict combat roles assigned to each player. Players can choose between four different classes: Specialist, Officer, Heavy and Assault, similar to how Battlefield 1‘s class system defined its own roles. This is a huge change from the more unorganized combat classes of the first installment, which helps a lot. It’ll add a lot of depth to the game while also making it easy for people to choose how they want to play.

Another key addition to the multiplayer experience is the much-needed support of outer space battles, a core part that so many fans fought hard for in the first installment, even though the multiplayer in the first already offered its own dogfighting modes. We can also expect to see a swath of new aircraft, such as the Millennium Falcon and Luke Skywalker’s X-wing.

Reveal Trailer, Beta, Release Date

Here’s the reveal trailer originally released by an unexpected leak before its intended airing at the Star Wars Celebration event in Orlando:

EA confirmed that the game will receive a full beta on all platforms. We’re not sure when we’ll see the beta hit the presses, but we’re sure it’ll be at least a month before the game releases. We also know that pre-ordering the game will give players exclusive access to the multiplayer-only beta ahead of time. Players who didn’t pre-order the game will still be able to play the beta, but only after waiting a while for the official release.

Pre-ordering also grants players with special access to a variety of in-game items including Star Cards and nice skins, but seeing how the game fares against critics may be the best option before you decide to spend any of your hard-earned money.

All editions of Star Wars Battlefront 2 should come out on November 17 across all gaming platforms.

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