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Kobe Bryant’s Children Got Participation Trophies And He…Had Thoughts About That


(Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Dow Jones)

Kobe Bryant knows a thing or two about winning. The Black Mamba is the closest we’ll ever again get to Michael Jordan thanks to his relentless pursuit of winning and his overly competitive nature. Dude was down right scary. So when his kids brought home a participation trophy for a 4th place finish in a basketball tournament, you can bet he had a few thoughts about it.

Before we get to that, it’s important to note that a lot of prominent pro athletes are…unenthused with the idea of participation trophies.

NFL linebacker James Harrison has been very outspoken on the concept of participation trophies and made his kids return theirs.

NFL running back DeAngelo Williams also returned his daughter’s participation ribbon, which she quickly followed up with a first-place finish.

So, yeah, pro athletes don’t like participation awards. Makes total sense.

Here’s what he had to say about his own kids’ awards.

“I said, ‘Well listen, you get the fourth place trophy, you go home, you take the fourth place trophy, you put it up right where you can see it,” Bryant says he told the kids. “And when you wake up in the morning, you look at the trophy, you remind yourself of what you’ll never win again.”

Kobe then followed that up with another tweet which was pitch perfect…

I’d say advice from Kobe Bryant is pretty useful. Dude knows a thing or two about winning. Maybe we should all listen up.

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