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A helicopter containing eight people has crashed down in Indonesia. This Indonesian ‘copter crashed while on a mission to help with evacuations as a volcano caused trouble for the citizens of Java. Eight people were on that helicopter as it crashed on Sunday. The whereabouts of the crew members is currently unknown. Meanwhile, two dead bodies were found at the scene of the crash.
The volcano eruption, itself, has injured at least ten people.
This helicopter was from the National Search and Rescue Agency. It was carrying four crewmen and four rescuers when it crashed near Candiroto village in Central Java province’s Temanggung district.
Earlier Sunday, a volcano was spewing cold lava. That volcano is known as Sileri Crater and is located in the Dieng Plateau. This force of nature spit cold lava, mud, and ash high up in the air (as much as 50 meters, 164 feet). This is when the Sileri Crater erupted.
National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho estimated that the eruption occurred at about 11:30 A.M. At the time, 17 visitors were watching the volcano. Ten people have been injured in the blast. They were treated at a hospital for their injuries.
Nugroho also mentioned that police officers and soldiers were ordered to the scene of the blast, while citizens were instructed to evacuate just to be safe (authorities feared future eruptions).
Sileri is currently the most active volcano among roughly ten craters in at Dieng Plateau. Therefore, it has been given the reputation as being the most dangerous. In 2009, it sent volcanic materials soaring in the air as high as 200 meters (656 feet). This eruption triggered the creation of three new craters in the area.
However, Dieng Plateau, is still a very popular tourist area. This plateau is located in the Central Java district of Banjarnegara. This area attracts tourists because of its cool climate and gorgeous ninth-century Hindu temples. This plateau is about 2,000 meters (6,600 feet) above sea level.
Back in 1979, this volcano caused tremendous chaos when it spewed gases, asphyxiating roughly 142 people.

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