WATCH: Guy Holds Up McLovin’ Sign At Festival, And Magically Meets The Real McLovin’

Some people live their whole lives, never once meeting their heroes This dude at the Electric Forest decided to honor his hero, but he never expected to actually bump shoulders with the legend himself. Yes, he actually met the Mc-fu*king’Lovin from Super Bad. This total festy bro brought a stick holding up a humongous version of McLovin’s ID.

No this isn’t a psychedelic hallucination, Fogell is in the house, b*tches!

Chris Mintz-Plasse, the actor who played the infamous role of McLovin’, noticed the blown-up image of his ID from the movie Super Bad. Mintz-Plasse decided to chum it up with the bro holding up that wicked awesome sign. Little did that bro know that he was speaking to Mc-fu*king-Lovin’…

That guy with the sign had absolutely no clue he was speaking with the king of awesomeness himself. The actor had to point it out, and even then, it took that dude a while to put the puzzle pieces together. It could have been the research chemicals in the air or maybe McLovin’ isn’t the same squirrelly -self he once was (that’s an understatement). Probably both.

It’s takes a bit, but totem bro finally finds out that the shabby-looking guy next to him is McLovin’. And when he does, the sign guy grabs the actor by the neck for a hug. Total bro bonding with a modern hero.

Lesson Learned: If you make a giant McLovin’ sign, Chris Mintz-Plasse will come. Alright, that didn’t sound right. But you know what I mean…

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