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What Happens When You Ask The Internet To Photoshop Out ‘Shirtless Bro’ From This Engagement Photo? You Get Memes!


Rule number one of the internet, never put your guard down or you will become a meme. Don’t believe me? Look at this beaming couple who just got engaged. And who’s that fella in the background? The Zach Galifiankis of the group, perhaps. Well, whoever he is, the internet loves him.

One Facebook user thought it’d a good idea to ask for a little assistance in getting that shirtless dude out of her friend’s sister’s engagement photo. She wanted to get that bro outta there! But the internet had other plans…

Let’s just say those f**kers on the internet put that dude everywhere…

Woman Asks Internet To Photoshop Engagement Photo, Shirtless Guy


How else did people f*ck with this couple’s engagement photo? Take a peek at the gallery and see for yourself…

Spoiler alert: the memes are savage!

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