Thought Your Family Was Embarrassing? How About These Families Brawling At Graduation

Newly released footage shows the wild moment a brawl breaks out at a graduation ceremony at a New York high school on Sunday.
The three-minute long video shows the brawl take place in front of William Floyd High School in Mastic Beach, Long Island. In the video, at least four people on the lawn punching and kicking each other while people scream in the background.
The woman who can be seen profusely bleeding, 21-year-old Bianca Bouchard, was revealed to be 15-weeks pregnant at the time of the incident.

via New York Daily News:

In the video, at least three people are seen repeatedly punching and kicking a young woman while she lies prone on the ground and covers her face. At one point, another young woman runs up and punches her. When the victim, whom FiOS1 News identified as Bianca Bouchard, finally gets up, blood is streaming from her face, and her clothing is torn and ruined, the video reveals.
The 21-year-old woman tries to get to the safety of an SUV as her attackers continue to come after her. School security personnel converge and break up the brawl. Bouchard told FiOS1 News she is 15 weeks pregnant, and that she got caught in a family melee while defending her sister. She said the bad feelings had been festering on Facebook for months.
“You can see on the video a girl in a blue dress runs up and kicks me in the head with her heel and that’s what caused all the bleeding,” Bouchard told FiOS1 News. “In the back of my head there’s a scar.”

Suffolk County police are investigating the attack and no arrests had been made at this time.
A spokesperson for the Suffolk County School District released the following statement about the issue:

“We are disappointed by the actions of those who instigated the incident on what was a joyous occasion for our students and their families. District officials have met with law enforcement and we are pressing charges.
As a school and community, we won’t let the small number of spectators involved in inappropriate behavior overshadow the accomplishments of so many wonderful students and their families celebrating graduation day.
Many of our students are headed to the finest colleges and universities in the world, will serve honorably in the armed forces or begin the initial steps of their careers after learning valuable skills in one of our career and technical education academies. Graduation day is about them.”

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