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Amy Nelson Photos: Must-See Pictures of Markiplier’s Girlfriend


Amy “Peebles” Nelson is the sensational and beautiful face behind Markiplier‘s love life, and her personality explains why Markiplier, a genuinely wholehearted person, would choose her. The 28-year-old graphics designer has been dating the YouTube sensation since late 2015, making her first public appearance with Markiplier at VidCon 2016. She’s made some great designs too, mostly working for other YouTubers on their brand management.

She’s got a kind of nerdy but cool look to her that’s I can really get on board with. She’s also got a natural beauty to her that I really like. Even when she doesn’t wear makeup, she’s still a stunning person. Because of that nerdy personality that’s passionate about her interests, I don’t think Markiplier’s huge net worth really played into her decision to date him.

Peebles has helped Markiplier with a lot of his business and charity ventures, including a charity livestream he made just a few days ago. Check her out!

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