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Sig Ep At UNC Charolette Shut Down After Reports Reveal Hazing At The Fraternity


via WCNC

The Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte has been shut down after reports found that hazing had taken place at the fraternity.

According to a report obtained by NBC, the hazing took place during what is known as “Hell Week”, which traditionally marks the conclusion of the pledging period. UNCC says SigEp members hazed at least nine of its incoming members or pledges.

The fraternity and its brothers are being accused of the following:

  • Psychological abuse, shock or discomfort
  • Morally degrading or humiliating games or activities
  • Implied, coerced or forced consumption of alcohol and food
  • Implied, coerced or forced physical activity or physical activity that is not part of the group/organization mission.

The Sigma Phi Epsilon national organization released a statement following the fraternity’s closure:

Following a review of the North Carolina Nu Chapter’s membership in 2011, SigEp Fraternity staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to support the chapter leadership and create clear expectations for safe and healthy operation.All SigEp chapters and members are expected to meet the basic expectations of the law and their host institution’s student code of conduct. When a chapter fails to meet minimum expectations and is unwilling to work with Fraternity and university partners to align the chapter with the Fraternity’s values, we have no other option but to withdraw the chapter’s charter.The University of North Carolina at Charlotte administration recently conducted an investigation of violations of university policies by the Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter. The Fraternity staff and volunteers cooperated fully with university administrators and support their decision to suspend the chapter. Based on the findings of that investigation, the National Board of Directors will vote to withdraw the charter and close the chapter.

Sig Ep has been removed from campus for the next four years with the suspension scheduled to end in August 2021.

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