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Wasted Farmer Gets Into Fight With Pig, Gets Weiner & Fingers Bitten Off, Dies


via MGM

Life comes at you fast, you know?

One second you’re getting a buzz on, and the next thing you know, you’re shit-faced. Then you’re minding your own business, and boom, suddenly your in a fight with a pig. And not only are you in a fight with a pig, but you’re losing! There go three fingers. Then your penis. Andddddd now you’re dead.

That’s pretty much the definition of life comes at you fast, and no, it’s not a made up story.

We take you down to Mexico, where the only thing scarier than the cartel and the water are the pigs, apparently.  According to a report from El Debate, 60-year-old Miguel Anaya Pablo died from an infection caused by the wounds he suffered during a brawl with one of his pigs.

Only in Mexico, you know?

via El Debate  (translated with Google):

According to the medical report, the causes of the death of the farmer were due to a strong infection, since last Friday the man arrived home at the community of San Lucas Ojitlán, where he began to fight with a pig that they have in the home.

The pig went over and severed three fingers of his right hand, bit it in his intimate part and cut it, leaving the man seriously injured, so his relatives immediately moved him to the General Hospital of this city , Where he was hospitalized from that day, but Sunday morning ceased to exist.

After carrying out the corresponding procedures, the corpse was ordered to be taken to the Amphitheater for a law necropsy, where later the relatives went to perform the legal identification of the corpse, noting that it is the farmer Miguel Anaya Pablo, 60 years old.

Normally, I would chalk something like this up to #FakeNews, but there’s just something so… Mexico about it, that I want to believe it’s true, so I will.

Florida is able to produce an assembly line of headlines that sound fake and turn out to be true, so why can’t Mexico?

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