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University of California Criticized For Favoring Illegal Immigrants Over Out-Of-State Americans



The University of California system’s decision to limit the number of American citizens, especially out-of-state residents, and increase the admission rate for illegal immigrants, is drawing lots of backlash from education activists.

How could a reputable and popular university system cater to non-Americans first? The reason resides from a legislation recently passed by the California State Government. State lawmakers threatened to withhold from the university system nearly $20 million if school officials didn’t cap the number of out-of-state American students.

As a result, UC system recently instituted Regents Policy 2109.  In addition to this policy, the percentage of out-of-state American student percentage was limited to 18 percent on most campuses.

The critics adamantly believe that this move is discriminatory against Americans. The UC system statistics illustrate that there are roughly 3,700 illegal immigrants currently studying. Besides that, 16.5 percent of its student body are comprised of out-of-state students.

“This policy applies to students who, under California law AB (Assembly Bill) 540, qualify as state residents for tuition purposes,” Ricardo Vazquez, spokesman for the University of California, said to Fox News. AB 540 allows students to pay in-state tuition fees if they meet certain requirements.

This policy certainly puts Californians and Americans as a whole in a critical condition. Since illegal immigrants are not counted as out-of-state students, they are taking away admission spots away from prospective American students.

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