The MLB Selects Northeastern University As Major Education Provider

Major League Baseball and Northeastern University have established the sport’s first partnership connecting professional baseball players with higher educational opportunities. Last year, the agreement confirmed a new Continuing Education Program in MLB’s collective bargaining agreement, which now provides necessary funds to provide players with educational development.
Northeastern is a phenomenal higher educational institution; however, why did the MLB choose Northeastern over an array of elite and renowned colleges and universities in America?
Players will have a wide scope of academic major offerings for them to focus on, which include bachelor studies in highly demanding fields: finance, health sciences, information technology, humans services, communications, and psychology. More so, master programs and certificates are offered as well in areas such as data analytics, sports leadership, digital media, and project management.

Besides the relevant major offerings, Northeastern is credited for its premier experiential learning model. This exclusive program integrates in-class learning with real-world job skills development. The university is proud to have a global network of 3,000 industry partners. If that’s not enough, there are campus networks in Boston, Seattle, Charlotte, Silicon Valley, and Toronto.
“We recognize the challenges that professional baseball players, like so many others in our society, face in obtaining high-quality educational opportunities,” said Northeastern President Joseph E. Aoun. “We must be boundless, and meet learners where they are. That is why this partnership with Major League Baseball—to prepare players at all levels for the next step in their lives and careers—is so important.”
Throughout their academic journeys, players will be guaranteed personalized academic advisors, who will offer academic and career counseling. In addition, the advisors will act as a direct contact to players, assisting them in choosing relevant courses, tailoring their academic degrees, and planning their career paths each step at a time.
Even when you think that’s enough, Northeastern will support the objectives detailed in the MLB’s Front Office and Field Staff Diversity Pipeline Program. Through this program, players will be prepared for potential roles in the front office or on-field staffs after their playing careers end.
Tell me what you think! I strongly believe that Northeastern University is the right educational partner for the MLB. Not only does this institution partner up with a professional sports league, but also it partners up with the Boston Ballet and veterans who aspire to attain a higher education degree despite their busy performances or health circumstances.

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