Kim Jong Un Lives In Constant Fear Of Being Assassinated & Hopefully He's Right

You think Kim Jong Un was sweating before the passing of Otto Warmbier? His fat ass is about to lose some serious weight with how high the heat is going to be turned up now.
Before, the United States government seemed content to just let North Korea isolate themselves with their delusions. Was it the ideal situation? No, but what other options did we have? Invading North Korea means war. A brief, relatively simple war, but war nonetheless. And there was no reasoning with them, because, well, they’re North Korea, so for a while, leaving them be was our best course of action.
But then Otto Warmbier died, and I have a feeling that’s going to change everything. It’s one thing to threaten the United States — it’s another thing entirely so essentially hand down a death sentence to an American citizen over a stolen poster. I’m no geopolitical expert, but something tells me this tragic Warmbier situation is going to change how our government handles the DPRK
However, according to a Fox News report, Kim Jong Un has been feeling like someone’s out to get him long before he killed Otto Warmbier.
via Fox News:

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is reportedly so terrified of being targeted for assassination that he travels incognito inside the Hermit Kingdom, and there’s growing evidence his paranoia may be well-founded.
The 33-year-old, third-generation ruler is “extremely nervous” about a clandestine plot to take him out, according to a key South Korean lawmaker who spoke to The Korea Herald. Rep. Lee Cheol-woo, chairman of the South Korean parliament’s intelligence committee, made the claim based on reports from South Korea’s intelligence agency.
“Kim is engrossed with collecting information about the ‘decapitation operation’ through his intelligence agencies,” Lee said following a briefing last week.

Whether it be by decapitation, lethal injection, Final Destination, asphyxiation, WHATEVER, I think literally every single human being on earth can agree that it’s Kim Jong Un’s time to go.

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