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American Eagle Day 2017 Memes: Best Jokes, Funny Photos & Images


American Eagle Day has arrived! Let freedom ring and birds soar in the sky. It’s a time to celebrate and joke about the symbol of U.S.A. But good thing Americans have a sense of humor (well, at least some of them). Tuesday, June 20th, is the official date dedicated to this bird of freedom.

Let those memes run wild on the free world. Yes, folks. It’s time to make memes great again!

How will you celebrate American Eagle Day? Go to a protest and voice your most-intellectual and totally original opinion? Or will you take to the cyber-sphere to let everyone know your most valued worldview? Plenty of other nations have more restrictions regarding speech, so have at it, folks!

The freedom eagle will fly over all of us, protecting the people in their hour of need. And then dropping down with the dankest memes….

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