NBA Trade News 2017: Must-See Moves & Latest Updates

The NBA Draft is on Thursday, and the trade rumors are beginning to swirl. The first-overall pick has already been traded and other players and picks will likely be on the move before Thursday night. Stay with us all week as we break down the latest rumors and update you on any breaking news. This week promises to be a busy one in the NBA, and you do not want to miss any of the action.

Latest Rumors

June 2
– Another trade, this one involving draft picks

-First draft night trade

-Knicks asking for a huge package for Porzingis. Boston will likely not want to give up this much

– Talks for Kristaps Porzingis are heating up. While the Suns will not send Devin Booker to the Knicks, Eric Bledsoe and Marquese Chriss could be on the move along with the number four pick.

-The Spurs look to get younger and move up in the draft. They are trying to move LaMarcus Aldridge. He could fit in Boston, Phoenix, Charlotte and I guess even the Knicks could make an offer.

-The Cavaliers make moves to fill their vacant GM position on the day of the draft. Lucky for them, they do not have any draft picks.

June 21
-Not too many trades today. Porzingis continues to be shopped around the league, and everybody is trying to recruit him. No takers yet

-Greg Monroe will accept his player option to stay with the Bucks. Monroe would likely receive less money in free-agency and is keeping his financial security. This decision may hamstring the Bucks a little in free-agency if they cannot move another big contract.

-Nick Young has declined his player option from the Lakers. He offers volume three-point shooting and should find a variety of suitors this offseason.

June 20
-The Hawks get in on the action with a salary cap dump. They get rid of Dwight Howard and get very little in return. Charlotte gets to move up in the draft and gets some rim protection if Howard can stay healthy.

-The Lakers have made the first big deal of the day. A good move to clear Mozgov’s contract and make a spot for Lonzo Ball with the second pick.

-The Lakers are in talks about a trade for Paul George

– No moves made yet, just a lot of chatter. Butler showing preference toward Cavs, Porzingis targetted by Boston
-The Knicks may be looking to move Kristaps Porzingis if the right offer is made.

-More Jimmy Butler rumors swirling, Lakers possibly moving for more picks and Paul George’ status still up in the air
June 19
-Marc Stein mentions that Cleveland may not have the pieces to get Jimmy Butler and needs another team to get involved. Kevin Love, Cleveland future pick, and Chicago 2017 first round to Suns, Eric Bledsoe and Suns’ first round pick to Chicago, Jimmy Butler to Cleveland. That could be one option. Other teams could get involved.

-The Boston Celtics have officially traded the first overall pick to the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers are expected to take Markelle Fultz with the first overall pick

-The Lakers look like they are going to stay put. Paul George says he is going to leave Indiana after this season, and the Lakers could be targeting him. They look to be content taking Lonzo Ball with the second overall pick

-Paul George has been at the center of a variety of rumors. Pacers reportedly looking at trades with the Cavaliers, the Lakers, the Clippers and others.

-The Suns have a crowded backcourt, but they may trade one of their assets to try to move up a few spots. Lonzo Ball may be the target. Just speculation at this point.

– The Celtics could be looking to make another big trade. They are rumored to want Jimmy Butler for the number three pick.
– Rockets may also be a rumored  landing spot for Paul George

-Jimmy Butler looking like he is at the center of a multi-team deal. Teams and pieces involved TBD

-Minnesota and Cleveland look like two of the primary teams involved. There may be others as well. Minnesota has the assets, but no official word on if a deal is in process.


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