Columbia Mall Bombing: Full Story & Must-See Details On Deadly Blast

A deadly explosion hit an upscale Colombian mall in the capital city of Bogotá. Colombian authorities have reported multiple injuries and causalities in the blast.
So far, the death toll has risen to three, including a French woman. One person died at the scene of the bombing, while two passed away from their injuries in a hospital. The blast hit one of the busiest shopping centers in the entire city. Nine people have been injured in the explosion.
Longtime Bogotá Mayor Enrique Penalosa calls this deadly explosion a “cowardly terrorist bombing.”
Ambulances and firetrucks quickly arrived on the scene and the injured were transported to a nearby hospital. Witnesses were evacuated from movie theaters and stores after an explosion in a second-floor female’s bathroom.

Who’s that French Woman?

Her name is Julie Huynh. She is 23-years-old who had spent the last six months in Columbia, as she volunteered her charitable services to a poor village. She was planning on leaving this South American nation in a matter of days, but her life was cut short by this deadly blast.

Who is responsible for the attack?

We currently aren’t sure who set off the explosion, as this story is developing by the minute. However, Colombian authorities have their sights set on the country’s largest active rebel group, the National Liberation Army or ELN. In February of this year, the ELN claimed responsibility for a bombing that went off in near Bogota’s bullring, which resulted in 20 injuries and the death of one police officer.

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