Girl Sends Her Ex-Boyfriend Breakup Email, Admits Cheating In The Most Cruel Way Possible

People sometimes hit us up with some quality viral content, but this atomic bomb our friend just sent us is straight fire. First, he asked if we wanted to see a “savage email from [his] friend that she sent her ex in a fit of rage.” The only problem was that he didn’t give us enough warning. This letter is rough. R-U-F-F. Like, rough enough to make you question whether you should ever curve anyone in your life ever again.

Hell, this might be the first email to actually kill someone immediately upon opening. The last thing you want to hear is that your girl cheated on you with someone. But to hear that she did it with three other guys, all of whom are probably cooler than you? That’s the kind of ish that will drive a man to suicide.

Mike tweeted us a screenshot of an email that his female friend sent her ex-boyfriend. You can read it below:

My favorite sentence from the letter is the part where she says “he was also photographer. we had some fun” The poor english and uncapitalized nature of the first sentence (she could be a COED editor) makes it that much crueler.

They say that “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” but gottamn this lady just murdered her ex-boyfriend like a rap battle between Eminem and Helen Keller. This guy stood no chance. So what was the reason behind the vitriol? We had to know. Here’s the background:

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