A Visual History of The Amazing #PettyWar That Is Draymond Green vs. LeBron James

Just because the 2017 NBA Finals are over doesn’t mean that LeBron James and Draymond Green are done going at it.
During the Warriors Championship Parade, Draymond Green chose to wear a “Quickie” shirt in reference to the fact that his Warriors outed LeBron and the Cavaliers in just five games. The design is pretty simple, but this is a shirt that is probably going to be sold on the West Coast for at least 300 days. You can peep a glimpse at the shirt below:
But that was far from the end of it. In fact, the pettiness had just begun. But to fully explain to you exactly how low these two are willing to go, we’ve got to go back a little bit. Behold a visual history of The PettyWars:

#PettyWars: A Visual History

June 2016: Following a historic 3-1 comeback, LeBron James wears an “Ultimate Warrior” t-shirt on it after landing back in Cleveland. This is without a doubt a joke about the fact that his Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals. Also, notice the Kermit Tea hat he’s wearing, referencing all the haters who doubted him.

October 2016: Members of the Cleveland Cavaliers host a Halloween party, featuring cookies with the names of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson and drums “3-1 Lead” on them.

June 12, 2017: Surprising nearly everyone, 2017 NBA Champion Draymond Green says in a press conference that he won’t bash the Cavaliers. “You gotta give those guys a lot a credit.”

June 15, 2017 | 1 PM EST : Just three days later, Draymond Green hits the Bay Area streets wearing the “Quickie” t-shirt.

June 15, 2017 | 2:30 PM(ish): LeBron James ends his leave from Instagram with two posts: a selfie video featuring a bald LeBron working out, and this photo of Draymond. Notice the caption.
Also notice the people who liked the photo:

June 15, 2017 | 2:50 PM: Draymond Green confirms the purpose of his shirt, and the fact that he’s petty.

“You were waiting since Halloween to wear this shirt? That’s petty.” “I’m petty.”

Green also says that he had some other joke, but was too slow to get the design printed. Honestly, given the zero number of f**** that Draymond has, I don’t believe him.

June 15, 2017 | 3:30 PM EST: Draymond has now officially seen LeBron’s Instagram post. Green claps back with an Instagram post of his own.

June 15, 2017 | 3:45 PM EST: Here’s a quick look at Draymond’s Snapchat

June 15, 2017| 4:47 PM EST: Now Steve Kerr has joined in!

We’re still waiting on Ayesha Curry to drop some hot fire, but at this rate, it won’t be very long.

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