If I’m In The NBA, I Am Absolutely TERRIFIED Of A Bald LeBron James

Let me tell you something about LeBron James: for a guy with as much money and fame he has, he is one insecure dude.

But hear me this: LeBron shaving his head is far more than a fashion statement — it’s a sign of his psychology.

No longer does he feel the need to maintain his hairline. No more does he have to worry about how his head looks on camera. LeBron shaving his head is a sign that he literally could not give a shit less about anything other than winning, not even his own appearance.

You know that moment you realize you’re finally over your ex-girlfriend? And you know how much better you feel and clearer you think after that moment? That’s what LeBrons currently going through — his hair is his ex-girlfriend … and he’s finally over her.

And if I’m the rest of the NBA, that terrifies me. If I’m the Warriors, I’m praying the Cavaliers don’t add another piece, because we all know this season, LeBron was simply outgunned.

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