Anita Pallenberg, The Muse Of Keith Richards, Is Dead At Age 73

Longtime girlfriend of Keith Richards, Anita Pallenberg passed away Tuesday evening at the age of 73. She appeared in films such as Nicolas Roeg’s Performance, Candy, and Barbella. Richards and Pallenberg were together for more than a decade (1967 to 1979) and had three children. In Richard’s autobiography, Life, he writes, “I like a high-spirited woman. And with Anita, you knew you were taking on a Valkyrie—she who decides who dies in battle.”
Anita Pallenberg died in a hospital in Chichester, West Sussex, England. Her son has confirmed the cause of death. Pallenberg died of complications relating to Hepatitis C.
In 1965, Pallenberg met Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones. She left Jones for Keith Richards in 1967 after he became violent and unstable. Jones later died in 1969.
Keith and Anita had three children: Marlon, Angela, and Tara. Only two children have survived, as Tara died during infancy.
The Italian/German model was a big fashion icon of the 1960s. When she got older, she took classes in textiles. Anita also designed clothes, gardened, and painted.
In 1977, both Richards and Pallenberg were arrested for heroin in Toronto. But the couple went to rehab rather than receiving a prison sentence.
She is survived by her two children and several grandchildren.

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