Let's Explain What Miss COED 2018 Is All About, And How You Can Enter

Who is Miss COED? You may have seen her on your college campus or have met her in your hometown. You might even be her. She’s confident, smart, and has a ton of school spirit. She’s the girl cheering on her school’s football team from the sidelines, posting a perfect selfie on Instagram, and still making time for academics between her busy social schedule. Finding Miss COED isn’t easy, but we’ve found the best college girls in America and now we need your help in finding out who exactly is the best of the best. If you want to know who Miss COED is, you decide. Here’s how to pick and/or how to become Miss COED 2018.

What is Miss COED 2018?

Miss COED 2018 is a nationwide competition to find confident college women who are involved in their respective universities, who maintain a high GPA, who are active on social media, and who have major pride in their school.

How do I join Miss COED 2018?

Sorry guys, this one is for the ladies. Contestants must be between the ages of 18-25 and currently attending an institute of higher learning in the United States. No worries, Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico are included.

How do I submit to Miss COED 2018?

Submitting to Miss COED is simple. If you fit into the qualifying categories above, simply click on the following link to fill out a quick, fun questionnaire: Miss COED Submission page. It should only take about 5-10 minutes to complete, depending on how much you write and how much thought you put into your answers, which are meant to show off your unique personality.

What are the prizes for the winner of Miss COED 2018?

We’re still working on the exact prize pack for this year, but we’ve solidified a few things that you should definitely get excited about.
First off, STS Travel is going to send the Grand Prize winner, plus the 2nd and 3rd place runners-up on an all-inclusive Spring Break trip… With their friends!

• The Miss COED 2018 Grand Prize Winner receives an all-inclusive Spring Break 2018 package, including flight, rooms, and a VIP hosting opportunity at a party. She’ll also get to bring along 3 of her friends to join her (they receive the same all-inclusive package)!

• Both the Miss COED 2018 2nd and 3rd place runners up will also receive an all-inclusive Spring Break 2018 package, including flight, rooms, and a VIP hosting opportunity at a party. Both the 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive +1’s to join them on their trip, who also receive the same all-inclusive package.

We’ve also brought back favorites Solo Bags and Kulani Kinis to the contest in 2018. Stay tuned for more announcements. In the meantime here’s what last year’s winner, Maggie Arceneaux, won…

Plus, the top 14 finalists also got a swag bag, packed with bathing suits, sunglasses, personalized Miss COED 2016 clothing, flip flops, etc. The second and third place winners were also sent to Spring Break destinations of their choices.

How long is the process of finding Miss COED 2018?

The ten-month-long competition includes a submission process, pre-round, round one, round two, and a final round. The public votes on who they want to see move on during each round.

  • Pre-Round: Allows school duplicates to be narrowed down to one representative per university.
  • Round One: Each representative is broken up into NCAA conferences – i.e. AAC, ACC, Big 10, Big 12, CUSA, MAC, MWC, PAC 12, SEC, and SunBelt. To make sure no school is left out, we also added four Wildcard conferences which include: North, South, East, and West and are based on geography. On average, this round includes about 250 contestants.
  • Round Two: Three finalists from each conference compete for the title of Miss COED 2018, making a total of 42 contestants.
  • Final Round: One finalist from each conference competes for the title of Miss COED 2018 for a total of 14 contestants, and a sole winner is announced in March.

How does voting for Miss COED 2018 work?

Voting will be open to the public for the duration of each round. Family, friends, sorority sisters, friends, teammates, readers, etc. are encouraged to vote for their favorite based on each girl’s individual profile. Within these profiles, there will be a gallery of photos, ten questions, and their social media channels. Visitors can vote for each Miss COED 2018 contestant one time per 24 hour period, per IP address.
This year, the competition officially kicks off November 8th, when you can vote for your favorites, but until then, we will be updating the Miss COED 2018 page on the reg. In fact, we will be rolling out a bunch of contestants every day until we run out, which won’t be anytime too soon. Keep up with Miss COED every day on our website, because you won’t want to miss the smartest, coolest, and most confident college girls in America.


Still have a question? Head to COED.com and check out the official rules and photo rules. Or better yet, send me an email: [email protected] 

Miss COED of the Day: Erika Luksch of Buffalo
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