George Brinkman: Full Story & Must-See Details On Murder Suspect

A triple murder suspect was in an armed standoff with police since about 8 P.M. Monday night, which lasted nine hours. The suspect George Brinkman has barricaded himself inside a Brunswick, Ohio home. Brinkman is suspected in the murder of Suzanne Taylor, 45, and her two daughters, 21-year-old Taylor Pifer and 18-year-old Kylie Pifer. Their lifeless bodies were found Sunday night.
Update: He is also suspected in the murder of an elderly couple. Rogell Eugene John, 71, and his wife Roberta Ray John, 64, were found dead on Monday, only hours before the police standoff began. Authorities believe the couple died Sunday or early Monday morning.
Brinkman has barricaded himself within the detached home of a friend. He is armed with a pistol and has waved it at officers during the standoff, according to senior police officials. He has also threatened to take his own life.
Police attempted to negotiate with the suspect via a megaphone. Meanwhile, Brinkman has been drinking whiskey. The suspect’s house is surrounded by members of the SWAT Team, the FBI, and police marksmen who have their guns fixed on the residence.
Officers are trying to convince Brinkman to give himself up peacefully.
Police have advised residents to stay indoors while the standoff continues…

How does the suspect know the victims?

The suspect in this triple homicide was Facebook friends with the victims. Brinkman commented on a July 2016 photo of (the mother) Suzannne Taylor sitting on a lifeguard chair by writing, “Very nice pic…the Queen on her Thrown…”
The suspect gave his opinion on an August 2016 of Taylor, writing “Hot…hot…hot….man it looks hot there….lmao.”
Taylor even responded to Brinkman’s thirsty comment. Taylor responded, “George knows that I don’t think I’m hot hot hot! He was sarcastically messing with me. Lol.” George responded by saying, “No..that WAS my point..that you just need to believe.”

Let’s hear more about the triple homicide

Taylor Pifer’s boyfriend discovered the lifeless bodies of Suzanne Taylor, Taylor Pifer and Kylie Pifer inside a Ridge Road home on Sunday. He informed Suzanne Taylor of what he discovered. Suzanne’s boyfriend informed the police of the discovery at 8 P.M. that night. But police believe that the three victims have been dead since Saturday.
In the 911 call, we can hear a dispatcher say, “There is someone in the house who advised that they found a body.”

At first, the victims were believed to have died from gunshots. Now, authorities are under the impression that a knife was used in the attack, and that the victims were stabbed to death.
The three victims were all found “tucked in” Suzanne Taylor’s bed.

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