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11-Year-Old Fifth Grader Receives Football Scholarship Offer From University Of Hawaii


Titan Lacaden’s Twitter

In case you’re looking for a self-esteem boost, it’s been reported that the University of Hawaii has offered a football scholarship to an 11-year-old fifth grader. Unbelievable. When I was that age, I could barely tie my own shoes and this kid is out here taking interceptions 100 yards to the house.

Titan Lacaden plays quarterback and free safety for the Hawaii All Black Crusaders, and he’s presumably more unstoppable than Mike Vick in Madden NFL 2004. Here’s a tweet from Titan announcing the good news.

And to further prove the validity of this offer, here’s a tweet from Titan’s older brother Jake. He played college football for the University of Nevada, so the Lacaden family clearly has some incredible genes.

I was able to find a highlight tape of Titan on YouTube, but the quality is pretty crappy. Mel Kiper has already knocked him down 20 spots on his 2028 NFL Draft board for the dreadful production value.

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