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Man At Bonnaroo Arrested For Selling Incense And Calling It Black Tar Heroin


Katie Stratton/Getty Images

Bonnaroo took place this past weekend in Manchester, Tennessee, and if you were looking for some illicit substances to take the music festival up a notch, I sure as hell hope that you didn’t purchase your drugs from David E. Brady. This swindler brought a boatload of fake narcotics to Bonnaroo, so he could make a killing off of festival goers.

His plan backfired in tremendous fashion, though, as police busted his lying ass. The drugs may have been phony, but the swift hammer of justice is very real.

Courtesy of Death and Taxes, here are all of the pertinent details.

Police apprehended Brady with 1,000 fake hits of acid, 20 bags of faux cocaine, 37 pills of bootleg molly, 22 bags of muggle mushrooms, and “an incense stick made to look like black tar heroin,” CNN and the Associated Press report. According to the Coffee Country Sheriff’s Department’s arrest warrant, Brady told the authorities that he was “doing God’s work” by selling the imitation narcotics.

He was charged on two counts of possession of counterfeit controlled substances, according to CNN, and is being held in Coffee County jail on $120,000 bail until his court date in August.

God wanted us to scam people out of money by selling them fake drugs??? I guess I should’ve paid more attention to those CCD classes back in the day. Hayes’ logic is so off-base that he makes Tyrone Biggums sound like a priest.

I am beyond elated that Hayes was arrested for his scumbag ways. Music festivals are already expensive enough as it is, with people having to drop hundreds of dollars to sleep in a goddamn tent and smell like raw sewage for three days. Getting shafted by drug dealers practicing in the dark arts of false advertising on top of that is just plain cruel.

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