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Man Killed In His Own Home In Front Of His Children After Responding To Facebook Ad For Free Dog


Christopher ‘Scott’ Bowman, a 39-year-old father-of-two, was beaten and shot to death in front of his fiancée and their two children after responding to a Facebook advertisement about a free dog.

Bowman, 39, was killed on Wednesday, June 7, in his Jacksonville home after a physical altercation with a man who was giving away a puppy.

Bowman’s fiancee, Chelsea Bowman, said that the couple wanted to get a dog for the family, which led them to respond to a Facebook post from a man offering a puppy for free. Bowman says that she and Christopher told the stranger they would pick up the dog, however, he insisted on dropping off the dog himself.

On the night of June 7, the couple and their children were home when the still unidentified Facebook user arrived. Bowman says they invited him to come inside and offered him a drink as a way to thank him. She says the man overstayed his welcome, taking off his shoes and refusing to leave.

via Action News Jax:

“The dude takes his shoes off and he stays. And he doesn’t leave,” Chelsea Bowman said. “And it’s making everybody uncomfortable.” Chelsea Bowman said the couple hinted it was time for the man to go — their kids had to go to sleep — but he refused.

Chelsea Bowman said her daughter told her she witnessed the man hold a gun to Scott’s head, and that’s when Scott was able to turn the gun on the man and shoot him in the arm. She said Scott started to run, but the man shot him in the chest.

JSO said when officers arrived at the home, there was a man outside who told them he was involved in the shooting and he was detained for questioning. Chelsea Bowman said she and her children were also taken to JSO for questioning. She said she could hear the alleged gunman banging on the walls at JSO.

Chelsea and Christoper were divorced, however, they go re-engaged in March and were planning to remarry. They had two children together:  a four-year-old son and an older daughter named Kinley.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office released a statement on the issue, saying ‘The individuals involved with this shooting have been identified by police. The investigation is active and ongoing.’

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