WATCH: Southern Fried Woman Wrangles Yuge Snake With Ease, But Gets Sprayed With Snake Stank

Someone should seriously give SunShine McCurdy her own reality show. SunShine has top snake wrangling skills and the personality to boot. She’d be a good fit for TLC or The Discovery Channel. She’s a mom who captures and relocates five-foot-long snakes like it’s nobody’s business. Alright, that sounded a bit weird, but you get the picture.
SunShine McCurdy is from Forest City, North Carolina. Recently, she returned home to find a very large snake slithering around. Her daughter spotted the snake, who just came home from school with her snake-grabbing mommy. McCurdy said, that serpent “came in like any other guest, through the front door.”
McCurdy scooped up that snake with a pillowcase without breaking a sweat. It appears as if she’s done this before. But when SunShine captured the critter, it sprayed this southerner with stinky musk.
“I done got snake skunked again, son of a gun,” says SunShine. Yep…she’s done this before.

SunShine was able to release Mr. Sneaky Snake back into the wild. He left her with a scent she won’t soon forget. It’s going to be hard to wash out too. McCurdy said that her house would “smell awful for days.” But don’t worry, that black snake wasn’t venomous, but it sure was stanky.
Carry on, smelly snake of the south.

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