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Chi Po-Lin Cause Of Death: How Did The Taiwanese Film Director Die?


Taiwanese film directer Chi Po-Lin died Saturday. Po-Lin directed the 2013 hit documentary feature “Beyond Beauty – Taiwan From Above,” which showcased the director’s aerial photography skills.

Chi Po-Lin died in a helicopter crash near the coastal town of Fengbin in Taiwan. Just before noon on Saturday, Po-Lin based away.

Throughout his career, Po-Lin showcased his skills as an aerial photographer, and promoted his views as an environmentalist. On Thursday, he announced a sequel to Beyond Beauty which would cost $3 million to make.

The Bell 206 craft operated by Emerald Pacific Airways plunged into the earth. Three people died in total. Along with Chi Po-Lin, the pilot Chang Chih-kuang, and Chi’s assistant Chen Kuan-chi were killed in the crash. No one survived the wreck.

Chi Po-Lin was 52-years-old at the time of his death. He was born on December 27, 1964.

Po-Lin directed the following films: Taiwan from the Air (2012), Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above (2013), Taichung – The Heart Of Taiwan (2014), and Beyond Beauty II (2019, potential posthumous release).

Editor’s Note: The photos in the gallery also show off the beauty of Taiwan. However, these pictures weren’t taken by Mr. Po-Lin.

Chi Po-Lin exalted the gorgeous environment around him. He encapsulated the surrounding landscape into a work of art on film. Po-Lin might remind us that the world truly is a beautiful place. He died on Saturday, June 10, 2017.

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