Wesley Snipes Roasts Troll On Twitter

When Wesley Snipes reported to federal prison on December 9, 2010 to begin a three-year sentence, we all had a pretty good laugh about it. No, prison isn’t funny. But when you’re a wealthy and famous actor, there’s no reason for you to be going to the slammer for tax evasion. Anyway, Snipes has been out for some time and has been popping up in films every now and then. But seven years later, people are still making jokes about his prison stint. Well, it doesn’t appear as if he finds them very funny.
Some brave yet silly soul attempted to take a shot at the one and only Blade on Twitter and got absolutely destroyed for his efforts. The guy came with your usual run of the mill “hahah, you didn’t pay your taxes” joke and ended up getting sliced to bits by the Day Walker. Wesley snapped back with a serious R. Kelly burn that crushed the live out of this troll. Check it out.
First, the attempted shot:

Then, the burn:

Oof, I can smell the burning flesh from that roast from here.
One of the best burns of the summer so far? I think so.

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