Rapper XXXtenatcion (???) Knocked Out By Rapper Rob Stone (???) Because ???

Honestly, I wish this would happen at all young and upcoming rapper’s concert — maybe it’ll make this new generation of MCs actually worth watching because right now, all I hear and see is a bunch of trash from young guns like this guy  XXXTentacion.

And to be honest, I’m kind of glad this happened, because f*ck this dude XXXTentacion.

First of all, I can’t pronounce his god damn name. Just horrible business acumen by this dude. How are you supposed to blow up if people don’t even know what the f*ck to call you?

Second, his music is a straight dumpster fire. Just absolute trash. The fact that this guy makes more money than me for making this horse shit is reason #2 I’m glad he got knocked TF out.

And the third, final, and most important reason I’m glad XXXTentacion got knocked out is this: my man thinks he’s slick, but I know who he really is … Majin Buu. And not just any Majin Buu, but Kid Majin Buu, and anyone who ever watched Dragon Ball Z knows Kid Majin Buu was the greatest threat that Goku ever faced. Long story short — do NOT trust a dude that looks like Majin Buu. Unless, of course, you’re Goku, then go ahead and beat his ass.

via Hip Hop DX:

All hell broke lose while XXXTENTACTION was performing in San Diego on Wednesday night (June 7). During his set, the rapper was jumped on stage and appeared to get knocked out. Videos of the incident show a lone assailant rushing the stage and slamming X in his face before several security guards and random other people jump in.

Considering his wild show Tuesday night (June 6) in Los Angeles, people actually aren’t that shocked something like this would happen. Rumors are circulating online that X’s rival Rob $tone, who happens to be from the California city, was behind the vicious suckerpunch.

The incident caused people to erupt (once again) into the chant, “Fuck Rob $tone,” a clear indication many people believe $tone is behind it. A fan who appeared to be at the show also claimed on Twitter that a person was stabbed. The footage that has surfaced online makes it difficult to identify the initial attacker. Whatever’s going on, X will likely continue his streak of crazy concert experiences when the Revenge Tour picks back up at The Observatory in nearby Santa Ana Thursday night (June 8).

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