NBA Finals 2017 Game 3: Score, Stats & Live Updates

The NBA Finals continue tonight with game three from Cleveland at 9 pm on ABC. The Warriors have dominated the first two games of the series, and the Cavs need to make adjustments for game three, or this series will be over.


With a 2-0 lead, the Warriors are in great shape to avenge last year’s defeat in the finals. As the series shifts to Cleveland, the Cavaliers will try to find some way to slow down the Warriors and get back in this series. Kevin Durant is showing his value and leading a Warriors offense that is nearly unstoppable. LeBron James has been no slouch either, but the Cavaliers are not shooting well enough to counteract their porous defense. As the Cavs head home, the hope is that the fans will be enough to get the role players involved. Cleveland desperately needs some contributions from their bench and secondary players if they are going to keep up with the Warriors multi-dimensional attack. Tune in tonight to see if the Cavaliers will make this a competitive series, or if the Warriors will continue their dominating run through the postseason.

First Quarter

11:40- Trapping Curry is a new strategy for the Cavs. Want to see him give the ball up
10:03- The Whole world wants to see a J.R. Smith vs. Draymond Green fight
9:16- Role players play better at home. J.R. should stay aggressive
7:14- Good help by Kevin Love to get the steal
7:05- The threat of a Steph Curry pull-up is enough for him to be fouled on the fast break
5:48- That did not look like a flop. Looks like running into a wall
4:35- Irving isolation getting some tough shots. Making some, missing others. Klay Thompson making everything
3:27- Lot of pull up shots for the Cavs. Could use some better looks
3:02-That’s a good look for LeBron
2:30- Good interior passing for the Warriors. Livingston is money in the paint
1:47-  Plus/minus with LeBron out is a problem. Let’s see if the Cavs can keep it close
0:00- Things fall apart when LeBron comes out. Defensive communication, defensive rotation, offensive flow. It all seems to disappear.

Second Quarter

11:49- Should be a very odd and-1
10:59- Good run for the Cavs with Curry on the bench
9:57- Deron Williams still has not scored yet in this finals. And a bad foul on defense
6:55- James with a good back and forth with Durant. Both team’s best players going at it
5:48- We have a Tristan Thompson sighting
4:40- Shumpert has to instigate harder than that if that was his plan
3:23- Low percentage perimeter shots for Cleveland leading to long run-outs for the Warriors
2:07- Draymond maybe has a point on the first one. Not the second one. Nor with the technical
0:34-End of quarters causing Cleveland trouble. And third quarters. And most of these games.

Third Quarter

11:16- Announcers really want to see Cavs get back on defense. I do too
9:37- Unlucky for Green just runs into James. Good rebound and outlet for Irving set it up
8:49- Curry with the answer after a Kevin Love sighting
7:50- LeBron deferring like he did in the third quarter of game 2
5:54- Tristan Thompson gets confidence for offensive rebounding with solid defense. He should keep it up
5:08- LeBron not touching the ball until the end of the possession. Needs to get aggressive
4:37- Love fighting hard on the glass. Cavs taking tough shots
4:14- Thanks for listening LeBron
2:35- Kyle Korver sighting. Best shooter in the world
0:40-Couple missed shots for the Warrior give the Cavs a lead in the second half
:06- Silly J.R. one good shot, two bad fouls
:00- We have a ball game folks. Stay tuned…

Fourth Quarter

9:30- Good aggressiveness by LeBron trying to get to the rim.
9:24- Kyle Korver bringing it
9:05- David West bringing it
7:12- Good hustle for both teams. Diving on the floor and running back on defense
6:40- I agree with Jeff Van Gundy
6:00- Can’t go under against Durant
4:40- Bad offense for the Cavs leads to unstoppable offense for the Warriors
3:43- Good take by James just no finish
2:50- J.R wants it back
1:24- Good hustle by Irving after he couldn’t get the layup to go
1:15- Anything but a three against them might be a win for the Cavs
:13- Need to foul earlier or somebody other than Durant and Curry
:13- Cleveland went away from what was working. Stopped attacking the rim and therefore have not scored in a while
:10- A few free throws put this game away. Warriors hit the shots to end the game and Cleveland did not

Final- Golden State Warriors 118, Cleveland Cavaliers 113

NBA Finals Game 3 Live Stream: How To Watch Warriors vs. Cavaliers Online
NBA Finals Game 3 Live Stream: How To Watch Warriors vs. Cavaliers Online
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